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Our Future Vision

  1. Adopt the Schools Program SGSC management launched the project with aims and objectives to provide support system fully / partly to the schools which are unable to continue their educational activities due to financial constrain and other difficulties.
  2. Academic consultancy projects with other schools SGSC also launch the project for academic sharing with other schools which have otherwise this academic assistance is available in organization building, administration, academic planning implementation, testing and teacher training program with nominal charges.
  3. Shahwar Model evening school project A new initiative for the parents who find financial difficulties to afford education for their children in morning schools. This is economical in fee and better in quality education.
  4. Shahwar Home Economics College for Girls The management of SGSC has decided to launch Shahwar Home Economics College for Girls at intermediate level & make female students able in different skills along with regular certified courses. This project is on card and formally will be launched in next academic session.
  5. SGSC on the Web;
    SGSC launched its own web page. Hence, you find the all information about the institutions. For further quarries please contact


  1. Durre-e-Shahwar Education Society.
  2. Day Care Centre.
  3. Publication Wing of SGSC.
  4. Karate Classes.
  5. Language Courses.